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Janisse Therapy
offers a unique combination of traditional physical therapy and integrative pain management techniques to help individuals attain the best health possible.


How to Prevent
and Reduce Pain

Traditional physical therapy offers the latest technology for evaluating movement and the physical causes of pain. At Janisse Therapy we begin with the traditional approach and then go beyond the physical structure of the body to work with the many complex layers that create wellness.

Physical Health
: By learning to observe the body and move with mindfulness, we can change old habits. We do this with a program of exercises tailored specifically to each patient's needs. Use of this program corrects mechanical stress and reduces strain to the muscles and joints. Precise, easy movements become second nature.

Mental/Emotional Health: Imagine what it would be like to live meaningfully, enjoying a sense of freedom and contentment. When we're in pain, it's hard to believe that's possible. Being in pain stresses us mentally as well as physically; the stress, in turn, creates more muscle tension and pain.

Our programs incorporate mindfulness-based stress management techniques designed to calm both the body and the mind. Regular use of these techniques in conjunction with physical therapy gives better results than physical therapy alone.

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